Father John Misty: I Love You, Honeybear

I chanced across Father John Misty on Spotify, and listened to a few songs. Then I circled back again, and listened to a few more. And circled back again, and again.

The melody is what first caught my ear. And this particular song is an example of how I hear the music first, and the lyrics second. But the lyrics really jumped out at me, earlier than they normally do. Because Father John Misty has some pretty killer lyrics.

Right from the start, we’ve got some vulgarity in the opening lines. Paired with the sweet reference of “Honeybear” in the song’s title, the opening track to the album promises some un-traditional songs.

These are some of my favorite lines from the song:

My love, you’re the one I want to watch the ship go down with
The future can’t be real, I barely know how long a moment is
Unless we’re naked, getting high on the mattress
While the global market crashes

I’m reminded of Priests and Paramedics in a way: the melody is enjoyable, but the words are incredibly dark. Like Bazan’s song, it’s easy to start singing aloud… but then a moment later, you realizing the terrible words that are coming out of your mouth.

I’ve become a fan of Father John this past week, and look forward to exploring more of his lyrics. I included the live performance (above) first, in the hopes that you might listen to the song and the words, first. And, to marvel at how good he is live.

I would suggest watching the official music video (below) second, which is also the order I viewed them. The video is really well done, but also pretty dark – and I didn’t want the visuals to prevent you from hearing the music/words first.

David Bazan: Priests and Paramedics

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