A Good Developer Week

This is just a note for myself, as a kind of reference.

Last week, I had a pretty nice week at work. Nothing major, but I’ve felt very positive and productive with my work hours. A lot of good conversations, completed a lot of new functionality, even helped others a bit with some troubleshooting.

The React project I’m working on at work is settling down, and I’ve spent a little more time polishing. Perhaps that has something to do with it – diving into React as a newbie and now emerging a few months later with a fully functioning app.

I worked alongside a mentor (and now my new boss) Rick, who helped me a great deal – and also handled all of the backend work. With his guidance, looking back… I’ve really learned a great deal.

Beyond the specifics of last week though, there’s something more. I’ve actually felt more comfortable in my skin as a developer. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the same kinds of doubt that most devs have, working in a field that’s rapidly changing day to day. This is still one of my favorite sayings I have:

But I’m feeling a little more comfortable with myself as a developer. Which is kind of huge.

And immediately on typing this, I want to pull back. I don’t want to get too comfortable, as I made that mistake once (earlier) in my career. By not keeping up to date, I found myself in possession of skills that were outdated and unwanted. Never again.

There are still articles I’ve bookmarked and not yet read, video tutorials I’ve saved and not yet watched. But for now though, this last week was a surprising reprieve, and a newer sensation. I’ll try to enjoy it a little while before it starts to feel dangerous.

CC photo via Dafne Cholet

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