Early Saturday Morning

It’s been an incredibly busy Saturday for us! Liz and I started off with a morning run (we’re on Day 3 of our return to the Couch to 5K program). Then we had a quick breakfast, changed, and went straight to work in the backyard.

The battery-charging station in the basement.

Liz, working on weeding. I started off mowing the lawn (first mow fo the year), then shifted to removing some debris from our neighbor’s back area (on the top left), and then went to help Liz with the area along our fence.

We thought we had two bags of mulch, and discovered an additional three bags hidden under our overturned wheelbarrow.

I see another few runs for mulch in my future.

Liz, assessing.

The middle area, cleared and mulched and looking pretty again.

A bit after our quitting time, circa 1:30 PM. Given how early we got up, it’s been a very, very busy day morning for us!

Staining the Fence
Staining the Fence, Continued

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