Recursive Tech Support

This evening, I helped provide some tech support for Bob and Julie. Even though they were in Valpo and I was in Chicago, a handy tool called TeamViewer allowed me to remote into their laptop and work as though I was there.

I was helping them get their printer up and running again, after a Comcast tech had recently swapped out a lot of hardware and reset their WiFi. Fun discovery: Brother printers have trouble with 5G.

Long story short, we were able to get the printer up and running again, successfully.

As a silly test, I decided to print out this photo – something I took last year.

Once we got the printer working, we decided to test out the scanner as well. So… I suggested they try to scan the photo I had just printed out.

Remember that this was a test, so the goal was to put something in the scanner… then scan it, with the result being a new JPG/image on Julie’s laptop.

It was successful, and the resulting recursive affair tickled me a great deal. Let’s recap:

I fixed an Epson printer in 2016.
I took a photo of myself, waving.
I printed out that photo.
I took a photo of the printout.
I fixed a Brother printer in 2017.
I printed out the photo I took in 2016.
I scanned that printout.
The scan became a JPG/image on Julie’s laptop.
I took a screencap of the image (via TeamViewer).

So technically, this is a screencap of a scan of a printout of a photo of a printout of a photo.

So awesome.

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