Trimming the Yard

While Liz was working on mulch and addressing spots near the fence and garden boxes… I was working on cleaning up the perimeter. Specifically, the growth on our neighbor’s yard that’s been spilling over into the lawn.

Our neighbor’s son Andrew is the one who does most of the yardwork, but he doesn’t live close by. And so we offered to do a little clearing, which he was fine with.

We borrowed a trimmer from Bob and Julie a few weeks ago, and just now got around to using it.

A lot has built up, over the last few months. As I was trimming things down, Liz was bagging up all the debris.

There was a pretty clear line, back when we completely tore up and re-sod the yard. But over time, things have started to creep back over, on our neighbor’s side.

Cutting things away, to reveal the brick perimeter that originally marked the lawn’s edge.

Celebratory beer after a long morning/afternoon, circa 3:00 PM.

The yard, mowed. And the edge, looking a little cleaner.

Backyard Clearing and Sod Installation in Four Days: Jungle to Lawn, as an Animated GIF
Father’s Day at Lagunitas Brewing Company

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