An Underwhelming Estate Sale

Last weekend, I went with Liz to an estate sale (my first). Though the two of us have gone to several fleas over the years, this was my first time going to an actual estate sale at someone’s house.

Liz has had some experience, attending several of these with Michelle. But I have to say that for me, this particular estate sale was pretty well picked over by the time we arrived.

Today, we were going to an estate sale on its second or third day. We were specifically looking for a craft table that Liz wanted to use, which was still available. But the rest of the place was… pretty picked over.

I didn’t do much browsing, and just snapped a few photos of the rather underwhelming things that remained.

Whoever lived here was a magician, based on some of the items in the other rooms. And I guess also a wizard?

Liz was making fun of me, and pointed out the Dale Carnegie book – suggesting that I should pick that one up.

My wife, she has a sharp sense of humor, sometimes.

Me, I was rather tickled that the Carnegie book was right next to another book titled “Second Thoughts.”

At flea markets, I’m always on the lookout for custom media – things like family photographs, handwritten letters, or old VHS video. I love found objects like that, and am drawn by how they provide this small (but incomplete) window into someone else’s life.

Of the many VHS tapes on the shelf, I spotted one that might look like it could contain video of a birthday, or family reunion of some kind. Pulling it out, I found it was… a Yakov Smirnoff comedy special. Swing and a miss.

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I should mention the house also contained a great deal of clown memoribilia. I don’t know if the previously mentioned magician was also a clown, or maybe just was married to one? At any rate, lots of clown stuff. Which, according to Liz and Michelle, is actually quite common at estate sales.

Though this trip was a bust for me, we did end up getting the craft table – and at a decent price. One of these days, I’ll have to see about going to an estate sale on the very first day, when things aren’t picked over.

Maybe then, I’d get first dibs on all the sweet clown paintings.

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