Locked Keys

On one of my new walks to work, I pass by a fence that’s adorned with locks. At first, I didn’t give them much thought – but with each pass, I began to wonder: what are these for?

I’ve done enough apartment hunting to know that typically, some realtors will leave keys to an apartment unit in locks in this manner. In an interesting twist: these locks contain keys. I find that really silly, the more I think about it.

Part of me wondered if the keys might be for some of the cars in the lot, nearby. But that seemed less likely. So my best guess is that they are keys to apartments, nearby.

But why so many along this one fence? Are they all to the same building, and this became the agreed-upon spot? Or did one or two appear, and then slowly spawned others over time?

A few more, a few feet away. What I love is that one of the locks has been adorned with ribbon, in an attempt to differentiate it from the others. Enough locks have been placed on this fence that it’s become difficult to tell them apart.

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