Prep Continued: Drywall and Frame

Sunday was another house day for us, with our goal being the pouring of the housekeeping pad. Before that could happen though, we had to put up drywall against the west wall in the back basement.

Liz, using the multitool to cut away a lot of rotting wood, near the base of the wall.

Studs added, for the drywall.

Bob, showing off a feature of his jigsaw (which includes a highlighter).

There’s a small button that triggers a blacklight, which makes any highlighter marks more pronounced.

The jigsaw really seems like a great tool for drywall. The multitool is fine and quick, but seemed to kick up a lot more debris.

It seems that for fast cuts that are basic in shape… the multitool may be just quicker. But for something that requires a bit more precision (or curves), the jigsaw is stronger.

The drywall, in place.

Unfortunately, the day got away from us – and we weren’t able to complete the pour. We could have, but we wouldn’t have started until like 6 or 7PM, and that really felt like we were pushing it.

So we went upstairs for dinner, and finished off the night talking about our plans for the coming weeks.

Prep Work for the Housekeeping Pad

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