Neighbor Tree Removal and Working From Home (Sorta)

Our neighbors had scheduled today to have one of their trees removed. Because the tree had grown into the power lines, the process required ComEd to come out first and turn off power to the entire block before work could begin.

I’ve heard horror stories about utility companies and their easement rights. That in some cases, to get to a power line, workers have just taken down fences for easier access – with little to no warning or compensation.

To shut down the power, the workers needed access to our yard. In the hopes that I could potentially deter them from driving a truck through, I opted to work from home today.

Funny thing is that, it wasn’t until last night that I realized no power === no Internet. And that I’d be unable to actually do any work, since everything I do involves being online.

So my goal then was to work at home until ComEd arrived. Try to fight off any heavy machinery (literally turning into that curmudgeon who doesn’t want anyone on his lawn). Then go and find some WiFi nearby, until the power came back (around 1PM).

The power got shut off around 9:40 AM. I ended up joining my daily standup via my phone, then was able to work a little bit through a nearby Xfinity hotspot from across the street. After 30 painful minutes, I opted to go elsewhere.

On my way out, I peeked out the back and caught a glimpse of one of the workers, high atop the tree.

I would have loved to have watched how he tackled those other branches.

On my way down the street, I spotted this sign. I ended up going to Starbucks, and spending a few hours there working – which was incredibly pleasant.

Funny story – I was in line, and kept a watch on all the available seating. I saw a guy leave his spot at the communal table, and so I jumped out of line and plopped my stuff down. I then proceeded to place my coffee order via the Starbucks mobile app.

Gotta love technology.

I got home around 2:30 PM, had a brief lunch, and resumed working in the upstairs office. Power was back on, and the house was decently toasty when I walked in.

Peeking out at the backyard circa 5PM. Definitely looks a lot different, with a lot less shade.

I was reminded a lot of our own tree removal process, when we first moved in. Big, big changes.

And wow – our backyard really has come a long way since those days.

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