20×2 Chicago: How Does It Work?

After work last Friday (boy was it a busy weekend), I headed over to the Hideout for 20×2 Chicago. The question for the night was “How Does It Work?” and I was one of the presenters (whose task it was to answer the prompt, in two minutes or less).

On walking in, I realized just how long it had been since I’d last had a drink at this bar. Was it really back in 2009, for the Cassette From My Ex launch party.

I was one of the first folks to arrive, as I was hoping to do a sound check (my presentation involved me using the mic in sync with some prerecorded video). I remarked how much smaller the Hideout seemed, compared to my memory. But perhaps I was just that drunk on all my prior visits, and perhaps it was that much darker in the room.

Over the course of the evening, I heard several other folks say the exact same thing.

There were some issues with the sound system, with the sound guys doing a lot of resetting and adjustments. Eventually, they opted to take out the digital setup and go with the analog equipment (after downloading the latest firmware failed to fix the issue).

To be honest, I was a little nervous – since my talk hinged on me being on the microphone, while a video was playing. But hey, it’s all part of the fun of live events, right?

I loved seeing this, on the wall. Oddly, it reminded me of a small sign I saw at a bar in Portland, many many years ago, when I was visiting Stu and hanging out with my friend Jamie. The bar we were at had a sign on the wall that said “Black Arrows Through the Hearts of Non-Believers”.

I don’t have the linking enabled, but you can see that photo if you go here, and click on the “Celebrations” link at the bottom. Ah, Flash.

The board that was taken out. Seeing this was both assuring and anxiety-inducing, in equal measure.

The room, filling up. Not bad for a Friday evening, right after work!

Andrew, setting up the show.

Liz took this photo of me, as I was waiting to head up to stage (that’s my beer on the windowsill). I was the first presenter of the night.

View from where I was at, moments before taking the stage.

A few steps up and it’s showtime.

Me, singing.

Yeah. Guess you’ll have to wait for the video to come out.

Me joined by… me. Looking forward to sharing this, when the video becomes available.

I have to mention that… over the many years that 20×2 Chicago has been happening, I’ve attended a lot of the shows. And this evening’s group of presenters was really special. It was a phenomenal show.

Start to finish, there was just great stuff – inspiring stories, heartbreaking stories. Just a constant rush of talented people, making the audience think, laugh, and cry (seriously – I saw people wiping away tears on more than one occasion).

I really can’t wait to share the video, once it’s available. I was quite moved by many of the presenters, and look forward to showing you all what you missed.

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