Dinner, Sophy Hotel

For over a year, Liz and I have passed and watched the construction of the Sophy Hotel as it’s been built up, bit by bit.

The hotel officially opened a few weeks ago, and before her trip last week… Liz and I decided to have a quick date night dinner, after work, at the hotel’s restaurant.

The decorations everywhere were pretty great.

View of the main dining area. For me, the food was… good. We enjoyed our wine, but I’m not as certain I’d come back here for another meal. That said, I’m definitely looking forward to coming back to hang out by the bar (or even have some drinks outside).

I only caught a glimpse of the bar proper, but that seemed more to our liking. And there were also some nice seating areas, just past the bar itself. Outside, there were a few tables with fire/heat at their center, which would make drinks outside pretty pleasant, even in the fall. Looking forward to giving that a go.

I remain surprised at how many hotels seem to be cropping up near us. While I’m less informed about the demand for such things, I welcome it to our neighborhood – as it just hopefully means more folks are going to stop (and stay) nearby.

Looking forward to trying out the bar here, next time around.

Construction Site, Boutique Hotel, Hyde Park
Boutique Hotel Construction Site Revisited, Hyde Park

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