Alice in Chains: I Stay Away

Lately, I’ve been playing Jar of Flies by Alice in Chains a good deal. I’m not as familiar with the group’s recent stuff, and mostly still think of the band in terms of when Layne Staley was singing. His voice (offset with Jerry Cantrell’s harmonies) are really when I hear, when I think of this group.

I got into them when I was very young, high school I want to say. I remember putting my cassette of Facelift in my car, as I drove around Indianapolis.

But Jar of Flies has a much more subdued feel to me. I can’t recall if this was made during the acoustic craze of the early 90’s, or just something the group did. But for whatever reason, I always think of Fall when I hear these songs.

Even with the dissonance (I’m not sure the proper term here, but it’s as close as I can get) at times in this song… what draws me back is when the melody/lyrics resolve. There’s a back and forth that I really like (similar to why I’m also drawn to Shudder to Think).

Lately, with the drop in temperatures, the cool in the air, and the feel of a jacket on my shoulders… Fall really has arrived. And the older version of me, who no longer plays cassette tapes, has been listening to this album a lot.

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