Grubhub Holiday Party, 2018

Last year, I missed out on the holiday party (I was a contractor at the time). This year, I ended up attending (the event was held at the House of Blues).

We all had free reign for most of the space. But there was a top level that you could only get to if you had a green wristband (reserved for the CEO, and higher ups). A few of us were trying to figure out how we could get a hold of such a wristband… and find our way up to the top.

I came up with a small cheat: I walked over to one of the security guards, and asked if I could take a look around upstairs, and take a few pictures. After a bit of hesitation, I got permission to go up and look around.

For the most part, this area was identitcal to the rest of the space (abeit a bit smaller, and with its own private bar).

Looking down at the stage floor, where folks were just starting to gather.

Fast forward a bit, as more folks arrived and the floor and balconies filled up.

Lots more folks started to make their way down.

A few of us were lingering around upstairs, but made our way down to the stage area.

At the start of the night, most folks had one or two glow necklaces. About 30 minutes into the first band’s set, people started to throw down these other lights: soft, foam tubes that held an embedded LED.

It made for a pretty cool effect. At first, there were only a few… but then they just started to rain down from the balconies.

I stayed much later than I should have, and the evening ended in a… not glorious way for me. Suffice it to say, that’s perhaps a story I’ll save to share in person.

Acoustic Performance, House of Blues
Queensrÿche at House of Blues
Birthday Party – House of Blues Hotel

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