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I was scanning around in my “Notes” app on my phone. I’ve been jotting down random crap in here for years now, and have rarely deleted things. Mostly it’s an assortment of grocery lists, reminders, book or movie recommendations. Just a lot of random snippets.

Found one thing that was from a long while ago – 2014, when we were flying from Chicago to Atlanta I think.

Correction! I forgot that I post something nearly every day on here, so I could just look it up on the blog. Duh. The actual day in question has a bittersweet ode to mixtapes, but I see that the following day… it was our family vacation to Arizona.

The flight out was a long one, and I think it was Southwest. Liz and I were sitting near the very back of the plane, and the folks directly behind us had brought a dog on board. Which is what prompted me to write these notes down.

The journey was horrible. The dog kept whining the entire time, and it was so constant and bothersome that we actually complained to Southwest immediately on arriving at our destination (and got two vouchers for a future flight).

Seriously – it was beyond annoying. It was really bad.

The couple had some kind of “emotional support animal” certificate, and their dog apparently had some kind of anxiety thing as well? To the point where they had Xanax for the dog? I’m not sure what the deal was.

First note.

I think this was me writing it down, and showing Liz (because I didn’t want to say anything out loud, given these folks were directly behind us).

After it became clear the whining wouldn’t stop, I began jotting down mini blog entries at set intervals. Note that the original note was at 5:44 PM, and I started recording updates at 6:06 PM.

It’s funny to read over this now, but I’m remembering how terrible the whole trip was (Chicago to Arizona). I think my new rule is that if you need to bring Xanax on an airplane for your emotional support animal, you need to bring enough Xanax for the rest of the class.

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