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For some reason, I went down a rabbit hole over the weekend. I got the notion of mechanical keyboards in my head, and started looking up more about the different kinds available. Next thing you know, I’m trying to learn about Cherry switches, and figuring out the difference between the Red, Blue, and Browns.

I actually really like my Apple Magic Keyboard (with the keypad). I vastly prefer it to the keyboard on my actual laptop, and I will sometimes go to the extreme of plugging in the keyboard, even if I’m working straight off my laptop monitor.

I also feel like my hands have gotten used to certain positions, as I have a lot of custom shortcuts and am a fan of the three-finger salute (control + option + command).

Funny thing: a long, long time ago, I was a PC guy. I actually didn’t switch over to Macs until 2005 (I find it hilarious that I actually have a record of when I specifically made the switch). But all before that, I was a PC user.

I remember being in college, and needing to replace my keyboard. I drove around to multiple places, looking for “a keyboard that clicks.” I never got into the particulars, it was just the feel and sound of that early (IBM I think) keyboard that I really loved.

Since I’ve worked on a Mac, I’ve been a fan of their keyboards. But lately, I’ve been wondering what a mechanical keyboard would be like. This feels weirdly indulgent to me, even though my computer is a tool I use with great regularity. It just seems overkill. Maybe that’s what I’ve gotten so intrigued by the notion.

The hardest thing for me to understand is how one chooses a switch, without sitting down and actually trying out the keyboard, before purchasing it. Seems like a lot of money to drop down on faith. I know you can get key testers, but are those really enough to help you make up your mind?

While I like the idea of a clicky keyboard, I think the sound would drive Liz nuts. Not sure how quiet the other switches are, so maybe those are a little less obnoxious.

While most of the keyboards I’ve seen seem to have smaller footprints… I wonder if I’ll actually like those. Or whether I’ve gotten too used to the very flat nature of the Magic keyboard. Thin mechanical keyboards are great, but I don’t know how anyone can go any flatter than what Apple’s already done.

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