Outdoor Coding

It was a super hot day today, so I waited until about 5PM to mow the lawn. After that, I set up our tractor/sprinkler guy because I haven’t been keeping good track of the yard, and things were getting a bit dry.

I’ve had the tractor stick a little bit before, if it hits a patch without any grass… so I opted to sit out back and basically watch/babysit. Even with our custom hose splitter, it still takes a while for this guy to make the trek across the yard.

I had my work laptop with me, and was noodling around on a side project. Which made for a nice end to the day. I was cooling off with a beer and the setting sun, and also getting a decent amount of coding done.

I’ve never really been a fan of laptops, as I’ve always loved the tactile feel of a Mac keyboard. My hands are used to the sensation, and the whole muscle memory of it all. Typing on a laptop feels weird and alien to me, and it just doesn’t feel right.

But having the ability to work in a different spot was really nice. The work I was doing was self-contained enough that the laptop seemed just perfect for the tasks, and I didn’t feel too hampered in any way. I’ve really always associated working/coding with being at my desk, in my office. But this was a lovely departure, and perhaps the laptop keyboard is

No, no let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That thing is still weird. Just maybe a little less weird now. A little.

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