Jeffrey Foucault: Cheap Suit

I’ve listened to Cheap Suit by Jeffrey Foucault a lot, the last few weeks. Interestingly, it’s not grown into an obsessive song (where I play it nonstop for days). I return to it with some frequency, but not compulsively.

I think my favorite part is the next to last verse, which seems to differ just slightly from the rest of the song. I’d argue I listen to this song just so I can arrive at this part. Kicks in around 1:40:

When he sings he looks so far away
Like there’s something
He almost remembers
And doesn’t know how to say

I’ve switched to this song whenever I’ve been feeling a little anxious, and it seems to help. If I’m listening to this as I’m walking to work, I think my pace lessens a little bit. Which is a good thing.

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