Two Drives Through Fog

Late in the evening tonight, Liz and I were seeing Bob off from our house. On stepping outside, there was a tremendous amount of fog.

This wasn’t just normal fog – we could literally see it rolling over the streetlights, plumes of it drifting in and out.

After Bob left, Liz and I decided to go out for a drive. It was after 11:00 PM, but we decided to do a quick drive to check out some nearby spots, and to see what the lake looked like.

Sad to say, this is the best of the shots I got. Nothing really does the moment justice. But having this here is really more a reminder for mmyself, than anything else.

Interesting note: the next day, I drove from Hyde Park to the North side for a dental appointment. On my drive up there, the skies were blue and clear all the way up Lake Shore Drive.

But then, just past the Chicago River, the same level of fog seemed to envelop the city. A few buildings were nearly hidden from view. It was shocking just how drastic it was, one moment to the next.

About 2-3 hours later, on my way southbound on Lake Shore Drive, things were somewhat similar. It was still super foggy (just as thick as it was last night) on the north side. But then, just when you got into downtown proper, right by the river, blue skies and everything was clear.

Then past downtown, fog again, thick and all-encompassing. Driving through all that was definitely surreal.

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