Copper River King Salmon and Purple Asparagus

Stopped off at Whole Foods today, and picked up some “special” salmon that we’ve heard about a lot. Liz’s boss at work always recommends the Copper River King Salmon whenever it’s available, and today was the day we picked some up.

The price tag on this was pretty steep (around $35 per pound). But we’ve heard a lot about it, and decided on a splurge.

Prep-wise, I just rubbed a little olive oil on it and used a small amount of some dill spice/rub we had. And some black pepper. Seared it flesh-side down for a few minutes, then let it cook skin-side down for the remainder.

Fish, I know, cooks very quickly. But given how thick these were… they stayed on the grill longer than made me comfortable. I had a hard time gauging when the salmon was done, but was able to pull it off just fine.

As a side, I grabbed some purple asparagus. Because this was right there next to the normal asparagus, and I decided what the hey. Interestingly, it does become more green after cooking.

I’m out of practice for food photos. While I remembered to take photos of things before they went on the grill, I blanked on taking any photos after.

The salmon was very delicious, and really didn’t need much at all. Liz described it being almost “like butter.” I’m not sure it totally justifies the price, but I can see this being a once a year splurge.

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