Husk Cherry Margaritas

A few days ago, we got a lot of fixings for a cocktail recipe that involved ground cherries. Tonight, we decided to give that recipe a whirl.

We’re not big citrus people (Liz less so than me), so when the recipe called for the juice of two limes per drink, we were a little wary. But we decided to trust the recipe and proceeded ahead.

An interesting ingredient: coconut sugar. We were shopping at a Whole Foods anyhow, so of course that was the place where one would find something like coconut sugar. Whose use, in every day cooking, eludes me.

The finished drinks, with a bit of garnish.

Reader, I have to tell you: these were horrible. The lime was so overpowering, I couldn’t taste much else. I dumped in another spoonful of the coconut sugar to try to offset the citrus, and it just tasted like a slightly less overpowering lime drink.

We tried a few other things (more ice, diluting the drink with more water), but nothing really helped. Maybe this drink works if you halve the lime (at least), but the proportions were not kind to us.

Ah well. On the plus side, we’re going to have a ton of ground cherries… so we can keep experimenting!

That Escalated Quickly
Ground Cherries

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