Ground Cherries

After work today, Liz was in back tending to the garden boxes. And she called out to me to bring her a bowl.

She saw that a few of her ground cherries had dropped, and was trying one out. And realized more than a few were ready to eat.

The interesting thing to note is that ground cherries tend to fall to the ground when they’re ripe. Hence, the name.

// Edit: Looks like they can also fall to the ground before they’re ripe.

The ones that were brown were definitely tastier. The ones that were still a bit green were ok, but had a more tart flavor to them.

While these weren’t quite sweet like a fruit, there was definitely a slight sweet taste to them. I think these plants are pretty large, so it’ll be interesting to see how much they actually produce.

Liz has been wanting to plant these for a while, as she got to taste just one last year. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when more of these guys drop.

Selfies with the ComEd Cherry Picker

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