Clean Code

Our team at work has started to read “Clean Code,” by Robert Martin. Several other teams in the company have done this as well (reading it collectively, and scheduling meeting times to discuss each chapter). It’s a bit like homework, but I’m actually really glad we’re doing it.

So far, we’re about 4 chapters in but have only gotten to discuss the first three. While we’re still feeling out what we want these discussions and meetings to be/do, it’s been really enjoyable talking about how we want to code as a team. What we feel is important.

I’ll also say that many of us are already starting to think about and apply things we’ve been reading about into our everyday. There is this push/pull between business needs and things like tech debt (as an example), and talking about our code outside of these external constraints has been liberating and eye-opening.

I’m glad to be working at a company where we’re doing something like this: spending time, both during and outside of work, to talk about how we can improve our code.

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