Clearing the Leaves, Clearing the Closets

With the unexpected snowfall over Halloween, the tree in our parkway pretty much gave up all its leaves. Whatever wind and snow we had, it was enough to pull all the leaves from our tree down to the sidewalk.

Today, Liz and I tackled work inside and outside the house. I mowed the lawn one last time, and focused on clearing all the leaves/debris from our sidewalk. While I was doing that, Liz went through our closet and separated out summer/winter clothes.

After a few hours, we both continued work inside, creating different piles: clothes for donation, clothes for dry cleaning, clothes for washing. For my part, there was definitely a big culling, as I had a lot of stuff that needed to be removed.

I think both of us imagined this would be a short task, but ended up taking the majority of our day. Not exactly house work, but needed work. Fall cleaning, I guess.

[photo via Seth Doyle]

A White Halloween in Hyde Park
That’s No Leaf
Snowfall, Leaffall
A Small Leaf in a Blanket of Snow

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