Cautionary Tales

My manager, Timo, mentioned this podcast in Slack about two weeks ago. Specifically, an episode called “Cautionary Tales.” He thought we would enjoy it as at the heart of many of the examples, it’s about managing complex systems.

A system that’s both complex and tightly coupled is dangerous. The complexity means there will occasionally be surprises. The tight coupling means that there will be no time to deal with the surprises.

I’m not really one for podcasts, as I tend to zone out playing games on my phone during my brief Metra commute. And beyond that time, I don’t really have moments where I’m able to just listen – but a few days ago, I ended up trying this out on a morning where I went in to work early, on my own.

Like “The Daily,” it’s structured really well and immediately invites the listener in. I got hooked off the bat, and enjoyed the whole storytelling process of the episode.

I’m anticipating (and dare I say even looking forward to) driving a great deal, for the holidays, visiting family. I think now that I have a fancy shmancy way to listen to music and things on my phone while driving (the Honda had just a 1/4″ audio jack), this podcast will be something I’ll have queued up.

Somewhat weird that I can’t embed the audio here, but you can listen to the episode online.

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