Sick Days

Once more, I worked from home again today. My cough got really bad last night, to the point where I was feeling uncomfortable and just counting the hours until I could take some NyQuil and go to sleep.

I had taken DayQuil earlier on, but that didn’t really do much for me. By the time evening came around, I was coughing a lot.

Whatever this thing is, it’s all congestion. And it all sticks to the back of the throat, causing a coughing response. No matter how much I blow my nose, it just stays “stuck” in there, and drips just enough to force a cough. Over and over.

I’ve gotten some rest with the NyQuil, but I wouldn’t say I feel rested. Would really love for this to go away, and hoping I’m done with it soon.

A Lingering Cough
;A Cough, a Sneeze, and the Ignominy of Back Pain

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