The Daisy Problem

This isn’t a great picture, but I hope it captures the essence of what happened today. Let me explain.

Liz and I are both working from home, and have been since early March. My office is upstairs, and hers is downstairs (in the dining room).

From time to time, Daisy will start to chew at some of the exposed drywall on the first floor. We’ve tried to block her access to much of it, but sometimes she finds a spot and starts gnawing.

Liz is closest, and has a spray bottle to deter Daisy. But if she’s in a meeting, she’s unable to get up and deal with the “Daisy situation.” And in these times, she’ll text me to deal with it (sometimes I hear it happening, sometimes I don’t).

Today was just… one of those days.

Bad Bunny
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