I got a taste of Japanese whisky after sampling some during our visit with the Denlers in Costa Rica last year. I was surprised at first in that unlike a lot of the scotch I prefer, soon after sipping… there’s this almost immediate drop-off. I experienced this very abrupt, clean finish that seemed akin to just dropping off a cliff.

Nikka’s Coffey Grain is what I first tried. But recently, on a whim, I decided to try out the Coffey Malt – and think I’ve discovered a new favorite. While Liz really prefers scotch that has strong tones of Sherry… I find those all a bit overpowering. But the Coffey Malt is very subtle, and for me has just the right amount of sweetness/fruit.

Las Catalinas, Day 3: Sensoria Rainforest Hike and Thermal Pools, Scotch Tasting
The Golden Hour

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