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I tend to order out a decent amount. Partly it’s been due to time and laziness (our work schedules have been pretty hectic, and late nights are more the norm than not). Add to this fact that I work for Grubhub, and it starts to make sense.

Also – the employees get a weekly allocation of $50 that we can spend on Grubhub. It used to be $35 per week, but it got bumped to $50 once the pandemic hit and we all started working remotely. Also add to that fact that all employees have a free subscription to GH+ (which provides free delivery) and you can imagine we order out with a bit of frequency.

I was getting burned out a bit on some of our staple go-to options, and decided to splurge on something a bit different. I was looking up Chinese restaurants in the area, and happened randomly across Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings.

While I’m somewhat ok with Wow Bao dumplings, I had yet to encounter a place that seemed to specialize in dumplings. I was intrigued.

I love the packaging – and was honestly, genuinely excited to break this open.

The packaging seemed a bit excessive. But in hindsight, how else are you going to transport a group of dumplings without them turning into a single, sticky mess?

Despite the myriad of options, I went with a fairy standard choice: pork and cabbage. There’s other combinations I’d like to try, but honestly I’ve only ever really had the traditional pork/cabbage combo.

I remember as a kid, I could put down 30 of these things easily. And I’m tempted to say I could still do the same.

I don’t think of dumplings as an appetizer, as a small portion. I think of it as a large, sweeping endeavor – multiple platters full.

Looking back, this is making me realize I should give my dumpling-making skills another go. We’re indoors, and what better time to cook these guys again? But the lazy part of me is now tugging on my sleeve, saying “hey – you could always just get someone else to make them for you.”

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