Cautiousness and Delays

I have been seeing a mixture of things in the news, as well as hearing a mixture of things from friends online. There is a great deal of relief from folks getting their first and second shots, and many (if not all) feel ready to try to return to some sense of normalcy.

The vaccine though, is not pure immunity. It’s about as good as one can expect, and as much protection as can be granted. But it’s not 100%.

I honestly haven’t thought a lot about what I want to do, after my second shot and after the two weeks pass (the official point where the CDC says we are “fully vaccinated”).

The idea of eating inside a restaurant or having a drink inside a bar sounds lovely. Seeing family and friends again, sounds lovely. But I have no idea how ready I am for that all.

After over a year being cautious, staying inside and avoiding the out, large crowds make me uncomfortable. I was never one for being around a ton of other people, and that aversion to crowds has grown over the last year.

Perhaps I’ll want to venture out more when Summer arrives. Having gotten my first shot and waiting on the second, the “end” (or whatever you want to call this phase of things) seems very near. But the problem is we’ve been holding our breath for so long, I feel like it’s going to take some time to learn how to breathe again.

[photo via Mohammad Mahdi Samei]

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