Sidney Gish: Sophisticated Space

I’ve been looping “Sophisticated Space” by Sidney Gish a great deal, lately. It’s surprisingly upbeat/peppy, which is not what I normally go for. But I’ve found myself jumping to this track and just letting it loop for a good long while.

What a sophisticated space
What a well educated population
What socialite would go donate
What it takes to own this place for sixty days

The lyrics are… something I’m just now starting to listen to. Thinking more on it, what catches my ears the most is where the lyrics stretch and the chords change. It’s typically four beats/chords, I think? Not sure what to call this, but I’m sure there’s some specific music term for this.

In the early bars of the song, it’s the part where Gish sings “pop-u-la-tion,” and “con-gre-ga-tion.” The thing I just realized is that she uses this same style for a single word, but also spread out across multiple words in a kind of asymmetrical manner (example: “nate-what-it-takes”).

While I’m sharing the album version here, it’s been interesting looking around for versions of Gish performing this song live. Almost all of them show her mixing/looping all the elements of the song while in front of a live audience.

I’ve enjoyed listening to her music directly, and keep forgetting how great she is at mixing/looping. Live no less!

Sidney Gish: Persephone

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