MyKey: Sweet Tooth

Continuing my apparent fascinating with MyKey’s album “Welcome to the Witching Hour,” here’s another song that has re-surfaced in my brain and ear lately.

Tempo wise, this song seems a little slower than the songs that tend to make it on my forever loop. But it’s been there this week and last, slowly playing with me slowly nodding along.

Tastes like Skittles with a cigarette
Break me off a piece of something you’ll regret
And if only I’d known, I’d have taken the road less sugar-coated

There’s an official music video for this song, but I find it weirdly distracting from the actual song.

Looking over my history, I’m surprised how often I’ve listed a song on here from this album. I guess I’ve been looping these songs a lot more than I realized.

MyKey: Mazda5
MyKey: Kneepads
MyKey: Marshmallow Moons

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