Monkey Business

A week or so back, Liz and I trekked out to the 63rd Street Beach when the winds were particularly strong.

While I was out there, we walked by the beach house… and I noticed a series of dumpsters.

And the reason I noticed them? This monkey logo. Which totally caught me off guard, and made me stop in my tracks.

I understand grease traps and having been involved in the restaurant business, I get why grease recycling is a thing. But why a monkey? Why the banana? I couldn’t quite connect the dots here.

Fast forward a week or two later, and I’m looking over old photos. And I realize this photo was one I took because the questions intrigued me.

Lo and behold, the A&P website, where it turns out the company does a ton of other stuff beyond just grease recycling. And, it turns out, the monkey is part of a larger logo that features the text “Fling it our way.”

Because of what monkeys do with their poop?

I started looking at the company’s services, and went down a rabbit hole of all the various things they do beyond just grease: RPZ testing, hydro jetting, etc.

I guess at the end of the day… as odd as it strikes me to use a monkey as your logo (and monkey poop to boot), it was memorable enough for me to recall the company. And to look them up online. So I guess, all in all, it was pretty effective?

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