Early Morning Reversal of Fortune

I woke up super early this morning, after realizing Liz had gotten out of bed. She’s usually someone who sleeps in (and hates getting up early), so I was confused.

Checking my phone, I saw that it was a bit before 6AM. After a few moments, I started hearing some terrible noises from the bathroom, and realized Liz was getting sick.

There’s a bad history of this happening, after my birthday meals. For me, I love oysters. Or should I say, I used to love oysters. As part of my birthday celebration, I’d opt for steak, oysters, and a martini or two.

The last few years though, something happened where I started to feel less well after coming home. And started to get violently sick after my birthday meals. The only conclusion I could come to was that I’d somehow developed an allergy to oysters.

I’ve not wanted to test this theory fully. But so far, I’ve avoided oysters entirely… and haven’t had an issue.

This morning though, it was Liz’s turn. We were both baffled at what this could be, since by now it was many, many hours since our dinner. And anything food poisoning related should have appeared long before now.

Liz was in the bathroom a good while, and I ended up staying awake with her until she got back to bed. She was back and forth a bit, actually… and it wasn’t until closer to 8AM that she finally was able to get back (and stay) in bed.

We’re still not sure what caused this – but our best theory at the moment is the broccolini (which wasn’t cooked very well). I had some and was fine. But perhaps it didn’t sit well with Liz.

I like my birthday traditions. But having someone get sick after each outing isn’t a trend I want to set. Maybe we should focus on staying in, next year.

An Unexpected Reversal of Fortune

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