Revisiting Spin

Went out after work with a few coworkers, and the spot we ended up picking was Spin – a ping pong bar downtown. Surprisingly, the last time I was here was also for a Grubhub event, back in 2018. Which in hindsight, seems like a lifetime ago.

L to R it’s Phillip, James, Wilson, and Lin. Eliot and I were sitting out this round.

We played several round of doubles, and a few single games. There’s some odd connection between tech companies and ping pong, it seems. And I was reminded of a lot of the ping pong table at Emmis Interactive, another lifetime ago.

Much like the last time I was here, I made some poor decisions to keep on having drinks long after I probably should have stopped. A few of us decided to go to another bar a few blocks away – Arbella.
Influenced in part, I think, by some stories of prior group outings (and one particularly infamous trip to Three Dots and a Dash, from a team that James and Eliot were on previously).

L to R it’s Lin, James, and Eliot.

I think Lin had a “Eazy Money” (bombay sapphire gin, watermelon, peach rosemary essences, lime, nice ice). James and I both had an “Abandon Ship” (zapaca rum no. 23, pineapple, orange, coconut, guava, carrot, nutmeg). And Eliot had a “Smokey’s Sidepiece” (charred habanero mezcal, 8-spiced infused lillet, aperol, citrus, bitter orange, nice ice).

A slight reminder to me of our Hackathon celebration at Aviary. Definitely imbibed way more than I should have, but it was fun to hang out with folks outside of work (and in person for a change). Also definitely felt it the next day, but at least my commute was a short one.

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