The Garden of the Phoenix, Revisited

When we last visited the Garden of the Phoenix, Liz spotted several plants/roses that she wanted to revisit. She said that they were set to bloom in a few days, and wanted to return to see them.

With this being memorial day, we woke up pretty early, got some breakfast and coffee… and headed out to walk around a bit, before the crowds showed up.

There’s a parking lot that used to be on the South side of the garden, that’s been more or less overtaken by the OBama Library construction. We looked around a bit, and ultimately found a parking spot at clubhouse for the public golf course nearby.

Walking across the south bridge to the island.

Liz, looking at ome of the large trees that have fallen into the river.

Walking along the path on the south side of the island. I have to admit, I was a bit on edge. As beautiful and peaceful as this was, I couldn’t shake the sense that we were still in Chicago. And so I didn’t think of this as an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city, but as a blind spot where I needed to be on high alert.

My brain is just wired this way. And it took a while (and seeing several other people) before I could relax a bit more.

The Obama Center construction, in the distance. Always a reminder that the city is nearby.

Geese hanging out.


We spotted a small gate that seemed to be for the groundskeepers. After Liz noticed that it was Wisteria growing along the gate, I wondered why they even bothered with a lock.

Vines, making some good progress around the gate.

Seriously, in another few months… that lock will be unnecessary.

A few street toughs we encountered, on our walk.

The geese were incredibly tame, and tolerated us getting remarkably close.

A view of the path.

Looking to the garden entrance.

We followed a path further East, towards the lake. And came near another parking lot, near a driving range just East of the park.

This was a lovely path, and curves around the north side of the official Jackson Park proper.

In Search of the Garden of the Phoenix
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