Luv Cheese

At the Christmas party for Q101, I talked briefly with one of the guys from Mancow’s morning show. I asked him a bit about what he does, and expressed interest in watching him work. I’ve always been curious about some of the sound applications they use, and how they go about creating effects, voice-overs, and the like.

Well, today I went in about 45 minutes early, and hung out with Luv Cheese. An incredibly nice guy, he showed me a lot of what he does with ProTools. He covered a lot of ground, but also moved around like lightning. The sound room he’s in is really decked out, and I hope to visit a bit more often. Audio production strikes me as a fascinating area, and I want to learn it all.

And yes, many people go by monikers at the station. I felt a bit awkward calling him Luv Cheese (his nickname seems to be just plain "Cheese"). But it’s a normal thing at work. There’s a guy named Turd on the morning show, and often there will be someone on the intercome saying

Turd? Turd to the conference room please. Turd?

This no longer phases me.

Abe is a younger guy who works with Luv Cheese, editing audio. This morning, while Mancow was in the room, another guy came in and said "Wow. Abe went from Pakistani to…" He sort of trailed off there. I swear to Christ, it took me a good thirty seconds to register that they were kidding around, and talking about me. Luv Cheese turned to me and said "You’re what? Japanese?" It seemed like Mancow was a bit uncomfortable for a few seconds there – which was funny, considering how open and blunt he is on the air.

I wish I hadn’t been so sleepy and out of it. And I also hope they didn’t think I was offended in any way. Their standard operating procedure seems to be to make fun of anyone and everyone, equally. Which is fine with me – I’m usually pretty good with jokes at my expense.

When I’m awake enough to realize someone’s talking about me, that is. :)

Hehehe. Japanese.

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