Saugatuck: Reloaded

Early afternoon. We all slept in fairly late.

Oooh! I almost forgot! Around 6 AM, we were hit by this massive storm. It woke everyone up, and we were all moving from window to window, trying to see what in the hell was happening outside. Again, a few places lost power.

There was so much water coming in off the windowsill, I had to seal off a nearby window because there was a small pool forming on the ledge. TONS of rain, and wind like I haven’t seen in ages.

A bit later in the day, the sun’s come out and Kent and Christine stop by. We all realize how incredibly fortuitous the whole weekend has been, since they just missed a storm by a few hours yesterday… and the storm we encountered this morning was supposed to happen last night (while we were out on the boat). Good omens, all around.

This is a shot of Dave, playing DJ and setting the mood for the morning.

I forewent a shower, and followed Justin, Emma and Dave in search of a coffee joint. We found the only (Can I stress this? Only!) coffee shop in town. We had a light breakfast and were killing time until everyone met up again at 2:00 PM.

In Saugatuk, everyone’s laid back.

Even the dogs.

Mickle the Pickle?

Several of us met up in the afternoon, and had a final farewell lunch. I got to talk with some folks a bit more, and got to see Rena again, which was cool.

Here’s a pic outside a nearby store. That deer there? The one dressed in a hunter’s outfit? $39.

A shot of the nearby shops. Pretty much, this is what the whole street looked like.

After everyone split, a small group went to Charlie’s for some ice cream and a walk around the lake.

Here’s Dave, enjoying a cone. Right behind him, about 5 minutes prior to this picture, I happened to see a father and his young, two-year-old daughter right otside the window.

I tried to get my camera out, but I was laughing too hard at the time.

He had her hand in one hand, and the garden hose in another. Systematically, he sprayed her hands clean (trying to get the ice cream off, I figured). And then, he sort of squirted her quickly in the face. She started to cry, but then I noticed he was trying to wipe off this enormous smear of chocolate ice cream that was all over her face.

hahahaha! I really should have gotten that photo! Dang!

Aaaand… after this, nothing much all that eventful. Dave and I hopped into his car, sweated a bit more on the ride home and here I am now, 1:00 AM and updating the blog.

Congratulations, Kent and Christine!

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