Work Meeting Becomes Lunch Meeting

What started out as a late-morning meeting evolved into a lunch outing. Rey suggested we all go to Manny’s, which ended up being fan-fucking-tastic. As it turns out, Manny’s is on 1141 S. Jefferson St., not far at all from where I was a few weeks back when I went to go pick up a UPS package.

Interior shot, as I’m just starting the line. This place is a serious, cafeteria-style Jewish deli. I was reeling when I saw the menu, and couldn’t even decide what I wanted to get. Everything looked great.

So I ended up with the pastrami sandwich. Or rather, a big pile of pastrami that happened to have some slight bit of bread above and below it. And some green beans. Because that one small portion of vegetables is going to counteract that massive plate of salted, smoked…. pastrami.

I’m still not entirely sure what pastrami is, but… don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.

There was a Jewish deli called "Shapiro’s" in Indianapolis. It was downtown, and going there was always a big family event. We’d all get together, drive down, and the whole feel of it – the process, the drive… it made going there feel special in many ways. We weren’t just going out to eat, we were going to Shapiro’s downtown.

They had (and still have) some kick-ass cheesecake. And Shapiro’s is where I got a love for pastrami sandwiches. To be honest, I don’t really eat pastrami sandwiches all the time. But today was just too good to resist.

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