Three Windows

There is this old house on North Avenue that’s been under some sort of reconstruction for many, many months now. It looks run down, but each time I see it I think of it as a good house, a strong house. For some reason.

Reconstruction is a misleading word. Someone sold it, and for a while… all their possessions were outside in the yard. Just sitting there unsorted and unclaimed. There’s now a big mound of dirt in the front yard, and the weeds and grass have grown taller than me. This has been the way of things with this place for many months now.

Today was the first time I noticed any active construction happening within the house. Up until now, it looked like the earth was slowly reclaiming this plot of land, a little at a time.

Sidenote: As part of the “reconstruction,” a thin board/fence was raised in front of the yard. Since then, locals have taken to posting band flyers on it almost daily. Well… that is, they post flyers whenever someone doesn’t come along and do something infinitely more interesting with the space.

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