Leopard Lounge

En route, I spotted this small growth inside a metallic indentation in the sidewalk. This is what I mean by vegetation overcoming all obstances – it makes me think about persistence, about fortitude, and about adaptation.

Ah, the old Leopard Lounge! I used to come here all the time, back when my old job in Barrington had me riding the Metra every day.

It’s been about 3 plus years since I’ve stepped foot in the place.

Interior shot of the place.

Shot of Steph and Liz, looking stunning in their work outfits. Dig Liz’s new glasses – totally perfect for her I think, and über cute.

After a few drinks, the three of us parted ways for a bit. The two of them went to grab some food and I ran home to duck into the shower (I hadn’t planned on leaving the house today and, well… between you and me, let’s just say that I needed some soap). We regrouped at the girls’ place, and I brought over some poker chips that I got for my birthday, a while back.

The three of us stepped through the basics of Texas Holdem, and played 15 minute blinds for a game. I ended up winning, but that was mostly due to me playing more Holdem than the two of them. After that initial round, we decided to go for some 5 card draw, and I ended up getting my lunch handed to me. Steph totally kicked my ass, and had me reeling.

The smacktalk was good tonight, and there was a good deal of shit being thrown around. Can’t wait to play some more.

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