Liz’s Other Scooter

So a little backstory: Liz had a scooter prior to her Vespa. The original was a Vino, and it got stolen. After the theft, Liz bought the Vespa. A few months later, the Vino turned up abandoned, and the police recovered it. For the past few months now, the Vino has been at her folks’ place in Frankfort – minus a few parts, but seemingly in good working order.

Liz’s friend Jake also has a Vino, which recently carpped out on him. Seizing the opportunity, Liz decided to buy Jake’s (broken) Vino, and plans on salvaging the parts to re-build her original Vino.

Me, I’m not much of a gearhead, so I wouldn’t know the first place to begin. But Liz has some experience with things mechanical, and is set on fixing up the Vino herself. Today, I met up with her stepdad Bob, who was bringing in the scooter to be stored on my porch.

The Vino, which Bob tied down in the bed of his truck (he had left it like this, while he was working during the day). His description of the ropework was: “If someone wanted to steal this thing, they were gonna EARN it.”

Bob, working on untying the line.

Liz, being sneaky and taking a shot with my camera.

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