What’s Up, Doc?

Went in for a routine physical today. First time in a super long, long time since I’ve been to see a doctor. Since I’ve started the diet, I’ve been more conscious of my body overall… and it felt time to get a checkup.

I liked my doctor (Dr. Sanjay Patel), and he was immensely kind and reassuring. The whole time, he kept asking if I had questions, and made absolutely sure I was comfortable with his answers before moving on.

Funny thing about me: in a doctor’s office, I get overly technical and scientific. Well, my attempt at sounding scientific, I guess. Here’s an example:

Nurse: Your temperature is at 98.8 degrees.
Me: 98.8? Is that within the standard deviation from the mean?

Yeah. Swear to god, I start trying to sound like some kind of supernerd. It’s a nervous response, and tends to happen whenever I’m around doctors of any kind. Kinda silly.

I did end up having to put on one of those papery blue robes. And I did end up getting some blood drawn. All in all, it wasn’t too bad an experience, and they got me in and out rather quickly.

Lame pictures I know, but these were all I could get. I did try to ask Dr. Patel if I could take his photo (I tried explaining the blog). He seemed game at first, but then after a brief moment… decided he didn’t want his photo taken.

Sucks for the blog. But trying to imagine his position, it must be pretty weird to get a new patient and then instantly have that guy ask if he can photograph you. I’d be wary as well.

So. Doctor, check. Optometrist, check. Dentist? Well… it’s,uh, been a little while. Gotta get on that next.

Oh, one other thing – while at the doctor’s, they got me on a scale to weigh and measure me. Turns out, I’m at 188! That seems crazy to me, given that I was around 197 less than a week ago. I’ve noticed more energy lately, but haven’t really noticed a lot of physical changes. It seems amazing to me that I could have lost this much weight in this short a timeframe.

Tomorrow marks the official two week mark of us being on the diet. If this much has happened in the first two weeks, I wonder what the next two are going to be like.

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