Mysterious Stranger with Armed Entourage Identified?

After seeing my post about the mysterious “International Friend” I saw last week (along with his numerous, well-armed bodyguards), my friend Juliet got curious and started digging around. Having a Librarian background (and being just all-around good with research), she found this mention of Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan’s visit to the US.

From her email:

Babacan’s agenda right now is to try to get the US to help Turkey fight the PKK, which is the Kudistan Worker’s Party in northern Iraq.  He’s also saying that Armenians are committing genocide again.  The relationship between the Armenians and the Turks is really volatile, given that one of the two did commit an enormous slaughter of the other of the two around the time of WWII.  So in talking about fighting against people in Iraq and talking about problems with Armenia, this guy is pressing all kinds of really hot-button issues all at once.  So somebody might be worried that he’s got a lot of people mad at him at the moment.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is also in the US before the UN General Assembly meeting in New York.  I thought if he were in Chicago, people might feel like they needed to protect him with guns.  But he was still in Tehran on September 21.

What do you think of my theory?

In looking at a photo of Ali Babacan, I’m fairly certain she’s found our man. Nice sleuthing, Juliet!

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