Behind the Scenes at Scooterworks

There’s currently a sale over at Scooterworks, and today after work Liz and I went over to check things out. Liz is especially fond of the Vintage Vespas, and was just curious to see what they had.

Of course, rather than drive, we took the Red and Black scooters. On arriving, the doors seemed to be locked. Liz rang the bell, and one of the workers there let us in. It took us a while to make it over, so we only had about 20 minutes to browse around, before they closed.

Inside, we looked at the 5 or 6 scooters they had out in the front area. There was one other guy as well, and he asked if there were more scooters anywhere. One of the workers said “Sure there are,” and took us all through the offices, to the back area.

I’ve been in back here a few times, and it’s always such a neat feel. Lots of tools, lots of parts. It always makes me wish I could do more things mechanical. Learning how to repair scooters/motorcycles seems like a pretty good skill to have (and a necessary one, if you’re talking about an older/vintage Vespa).

Just posting some pics here, without comments. FYI – the Scooterworks sale runs through this weekend.

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  1. what does a low-end scooter cost, felix?

    ben Reply

  2. Liz can speak to scooter prices much better than I can. Roughly, I think things like new scooters can range from 2K and up. Vintage Vespas are from 3K and up (although most of these are refurbished, and include all new parts).The Vinos we ride are about $1500 I think, new. Like used cars, you can likely find a wide range of cost and age. The older the scooter though, the more likely you’ll have to either fix it yourself or get it repaired.

    avoision Reply

  3. Hey ben,Felix is right for the most part. You pretty much get what you pay for. The most fancy, expensive scooters are in the $7k to $8k range.The Yamaha Vino’s that Felix and I ride were originally $1,800 brand new. We’ve only technically taken them to the shop for mechanical issues once since I bought them. If I were to sell my used red ’03 Vino I could probably get $1k (plus or minus) for it. My ’07 Vespa was $4,800 new. I’m looking to sell is for $3,800 (obo). If you’re not sure what you’re supposed to pay, there’s a blue book motorcycle site that can tell you resale values.If you’re interrested in looking for a scoot, get lookin. This is when they start going on sale. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. :)Good sites:Area dealer: http://www.scooterworks.comSales: News: obviously craig’s list also lists scooters for sale.**Special Note: I am going to be selling my powder blue Vespa, if anyone is interested.

    liz Reply

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