TJ Downloads Microsoft’s Songsmith, A Performance By Chris Ensues

In a move that can only be described as masochism, TJ downloaded a trial version of Microsoft’s Songsmith. Apparently, today was “Punish Your Coworkers” day.

Next thing that happens, a ton of folks are gathered around TJ’s desk, waiting for a demonstration. Naturally, Chris rises to the challenge, and he breaks out this little ditty (note: you may have to turn up your volume a bit):

I had a hard time filming this, as I was laughing the entire time (the camera shakes a lot, I’m noticing). I was working very hard not to lose hold of it the entire time. Chris’ song definitely sounded way better than the David Lee Roth experiment.

I think the trial was limited to 6 hours. TJ, if you’re reading this… I need that song exported out as an mp3 or wav. I need a new ringtone!

// UPDATEThanks, TJ!

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  1. Sending it out this morning!

    TJ Mapes Reply

  2. i am SO sad i missed that!!

    margaret Rooney Reply

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