Tow Truck Humor, and the Drive Back to Chicago

On the drive back from Indianapolis, we spotted this tow truck. It reminded me of the “Reapers Towing” business card I received, back when Liz’s car was stolen… and then found again.

Towing guys, it appears, have a bit more of a funnybone than I originally imagined.

There were a few patches of heavy rain on the way back, but nothing quite like the two-hour constant downpour we encountered, when driving from League City Texas back to Chicago.

Overall, the drive from Indy to Chicago isn’t all that bad. An episode or two of This American Life, and you’re practically there.

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  1. You haven’t posted for the 9th yet, but it is the 9th, which is your birthday, so I’m going to say it here and now:HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELIX!May there be many cakes, pies, or otherwise yummy treats, bumper cars, sumo wrestlers, and flying pizzas in your day today.

    juliet Reply

  2. It took me a while to notice the game over on the back of the tow truck :)

    Towing Gatineau Reply

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