Cassette From My Ex: Video Highlighting Project

A bunch of us got a nice note from Jason regarding the upcoming Cassette From My Ex book. Things are moving along, and he shared a link to a Babelgum video that highlights the project.

Having only read some of the stories online, it was neat to see Jason describe the project… and to see others talk about their mixtapes directly.

// Edit: Amazing how much I take embed code for granted. The fact that I can’t embed the video here, and need to provide a link back is incredibly annoying.

The book is due out in October, and so far (fingers crossed) my submission is still among the sixty that are in the running. There’s no guarantee as to how many stories they can fit, so I guess we’ll see what happens. As time has gone on, the more things I see happening… the more I really hope I make the cut.

Cassette From My Ex: Submitting a Story
Cassette From My Ex: Story Accepted

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