Tasting Cakes for the Wedding: Tipsy Cake

Today we had a tasting scheduled at Tipsy Cake, to sample some of their cakes. Luckily for me this time, I wasn’t hit with waves of nausea and was actually able to enjoy the whole process.

We met with Naomi, who was cool with us taking photos. In fact, she insisted that she take a photo of us, prior to our tasting.

We got to sample a nice variety of things: there’s red velvet cake, chocolate, banana (in the middle), vanilla on the left, carrot cake, a nice cake with vanilla/chocholate mousse and a raspberry and vanilla cake surrounded with chocolate and coconut.

Naomi was really interested in our whole wedding, and in a genuine way. She was also pretty frank about certain things, which made us trust her all the more. To top things off, she said that she really didn’t like waste… and wanted us to take everything home with us.

On leaving, she gave us a sample of passionfruit filling. And I have to say, it’s now a contender and ranked on par with the mango frosting from Cake Girls.

We may end up ordering a small custom cake from here, just to sample a few additional flavors. The hardest thing for us now is trying to narrow down our choices.

Tasting Cakes for the Wedding: Amy Beck and Cake Girls

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  1. I want to pretend to be getting married so I can go taste a bunch of cake, and I’m sure I’ll justify it in my brain somehow.

    Mellzah Reply

  2. It’s a nice excuse to consume tons of cake.”But I *HAVE* to do this. It’s for the wedding!”

    avoision Reply

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