Baxter is Sick

This morning, when I came by to give Baxter her breakfast, she stayed inside her little box.

Normally, she’s waiting as I’m approaching, with her paws up on the cage (sometimes even standing on her hind legs). She’s a lover of food, and there’s no more dangerous place to be than between Baxter and her veggies.

But this AM, something was amiss. She nibbled a bit of cilantro, but then retreated back to her box and stayed there the remainder of the morning.

I tried tempting her out with a plate of nothing but cilantro, but no luck. She’s been listless and it’s definitely distressing. As of now (3:30 PM), she’s come out but is now lying in her litter box.

We’re off to the vet. She’s been sick like this once before, maybe 6 months ago, and it lasted for a few hours. But she picked back up and her appetite returned. Not sure what this is, but it’s been going on for most of the day now. Hoping it’s nothing serious.

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