Mysterious Lights at the Harold Washington Library

At the end of the work day last week, I was hanging out in Ben’s office for a bit. Looking out the window, we spotted a rather odd and powerful beam of light, coming from the Harold Washington Library.

One theory we kicked around was there possibly being some kind of ad, projected onto the wall of the building across the way. But there wasn’t a lot of flickering, just a solid, steady beam of light.

About 6 or 7 minutes later, on the ground at State and Jackson. No light anywhere, and it seemed to end as abruptly as it started.

No clue what that was all about. Anyone have any idea what this light might have been from?

Chuck Palahniuk Reading, Harold Washington Library

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  1. Could it have simply been some of those really high-powered work lights? Or even heavy-duty film lights? WEIRD!

    Allison Reply

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